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Blasskaiz [ブラスカイズ]
Band Info
Name Blasskaiz [ブラスカイズ]
Story Bluebeard
Genre Symphonic Rock
Logo Symbol
Blasskaiz logo.png
Blasskaiz symbol.png
Ao sp.png Rene sp.png

‘‘My hope is to fill this world with beauty.
Let us spin a song with love for the beautiful goddesses!
The brilliant blue melodies will flow into your ears with the finest symphonic rock.’’

The one who loves only things that are beautiful, Baron Diesbach (Vo.), commonly known as 'Bluebeard'. The news of the battle fluttered in on a boring day, filling his head with the image of a world filled with ideal beauty.

"If you win this battle, you can have an ideal world."

With excitement in his heart, followed by his butler, René (Vn.), he went to go write his music, for the goddesses, with love.[2]


  1. 我が望みはこの世界を美で満たすこと。 美しい女神たちへ 愛を込めて譜(うた)を紡ごう。 華麗なる蒼の旋律が鼓膜へと流れ込む 極上のシンフォニックロック。
  2. 美しいものだけを愛するディースバッハ男爵(Vo.)通称あおひげ公。 理想の美で満ちた世界に思いを馳せるだけの 退屈な日々に舞い込んだ対盤の知らせ。 「この対盤に勝てば理想の世界が手に入る」 と心を躍らせ執事のレネ(Vn.)を従え 譜を紡ぎはじめる。 女神たちへ愛を込めて。
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