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Today I'd like to let everyone know that ♣
There's going to be a party at Christmas.
But you can only see one band at the party ♠
Which band would you like to see? ♣
RT the band you want to see from the tweet after this one ♣
The band members may talk to you during the party...? ♦ ♦[1]

(This was a 2017 christmas special where the band with most retweets wins. The winner was Setsudan Club, who won a Q&A that is translated here on wiki)



  1. 今日はみんなにお知らせ〜 クリスマスに譜人もパーティーするんだって でもね、パーティーの様子が見られるのは1組だけ みんなはどのバンドを見てみたい? この後のツイートから、見たいバンドをRTしてね パーティー中はメンバーがみんなとお話してくれるかも…?