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Baron Diesbach
Alias Baron Diesbach, Diesbach-danshaku, Lord Bluebeard
Band Info
Band Blasskaiz logo.png
Position Vocals
Character Info
Birthday September 26
Height 180cm
Mute height 49cm
Species ???
Story Info
Story Bluebeard
Character Bluebeard
Voice Info
Voice actor Toshinari Fukamachi
Voice sample

Baron Diesbach(ディースバッハ男爵) plays the vocals of BLASSKAIZ.


  • A gentleman, and a self-proclaimed feminist.[1]
  • He adores beautiful things, beautiful songs, and especially beautiful women, who he sings for and worships like goddesses. [1]
  • When not around his goddesses, he is a strange and silent person, treating others as if they're merely furniture. [1]
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 自称フェミニストで紳士。美しい物事、音楽、殊に美しい女性を女神と謳い崇拝しているため女性には大変親切だが、それ以外は喋る家具位にしか思っていない変わり者。