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Jakthund Symphonie
Alias Jakthund Symphonie
Band Info
Band Bremüsik logo.png
Position Drums
Character Info
Birthday October 3
Height 176cm
Mute height 41cm
Species Dog
Story Info
Story Town Musicians of Bremen
Character Dog
Voice Info
Voice actor Hiroshi Watanabe
Voice sample

Jakthund Symphonie(ヤークトフント・シンフォニエ) plays the drums of Bremüsik.


  • A hunter who was helped by the other discarded members.[1]
  • He will never forget the kind person who fed him when he was hungry.[1]
  • He laughs away his troubles to calm down, and is a dependable older brother figure.[1]
  • He never forgets those who are kind to him.[1]
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