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Kashin no Okina [花神翁]
Band Info
Name Kashin no Okina [花神翁]
Story Hanasaka Jiisan
Genre Techno Pop
Logo Symbol
Kashin no Okina logo.png Kashin no okina symbol.png
Sakuya sp.png

‘‘Come on, come on everyone, let's see, let's make a flower bloom on a dead tree.
The petals are falling in fluttering flakes.
Tonight, too, I'll perform a dance.
In your eyes, the cherry blossom spring is as gorgeous as a dream.
The techno-pop of graceful wishes.’’

Sakuya seems to be the owner of "The End" and who has been distributing flyers, but his purpose and other details are unknown and mysterious. Sakuya loves all plants and animals and his pet dog is named Hanataro. He seems to be acquainted with Nono...[2]


  1. さあさあ皆様ご照覧、枯れ木に花を咲かせましょう。 ひらりはらりと散りゆく花弁、 今宵もいざや舞を一差し。 その目に映るは夢幻の如く華やかなりし桜花の春。 猶予う願いのテクノポップ。
  2. “終止符(おしまい)”の保有者らしく、“終止符(おしまい)”に関するビラを撒くなどしているが、目的など詳細は一切不明の謎の人物。愛犬の名は「花太郎」。動植物全般が好き。ノノとは面識があるようだが…。