Otogi no Uta Wiki
Alias Kotsuzura
Band Info
Band Setsudan Club logo.png
Position Guitar
Character Info
Birthday November 5
Height 173cm
Mute height 47cm
Species Penguin
Story Info
Story Shita-kiri Suzume
Character Monster of the Heavy Box
Voice Info
Voice actor Yoshiki Nakajima
Voice sample

Kotsuzura(小葛籠) plays the guitar of Setsudan Club.


  • Ootsuzura's younger brother.[1]
  • Always hunchbacked and lazy, and often spaces out to do whatever he wants, but has keen observations despite his lethargy.[1]
  • His left eye is a mind's eye, used to find enemies.[1]
  • Has been friends with Yosuzume since he was little.[1]
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  • He likes eggs, his favorite food is tamago kake gohan (egg on rice), and egg is his favorite hotpot ingredient.[1]