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Fifth Movement: 'Oath of Grudge'


In the corner of a grudge-filled cemetary, stopped in front of a flyer that had drifted down to them, where the figures of Setsudan Club.

Taking the flyer, Yosuzume looked to the empty sky, and muttered.

"Do not let them escape...."

He said it the best that he could with his suffering lungs, to the hated fiends who took his gentle sister's life. He'd track them down until he stopped breathing-

Ootsuzura, an attendant, stood aside to hold him back, speaking quietly while preparing for Yosuzume's turbulent strike.

"Following this for too long will damage your body, Chief."

The neighboring Kotsuzura non-nonchalantly scratched his head, and idly watched the way that the flyer changed into cherry blossom petals.

"I will surely slay the enemy, and carry out revenge. Watch me, dear sister."


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