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Twenty-seventh Movement: 'Outcast'


It was then that Katze opened his mouth again, trying to open Issunboshi's mind.

"Hey, chibi! You've gotten yourself into something again!"

Bremüsik, led by Vogel, sensed something strange and rushed towards him.

"Don't come. I want to talk to him alone."

Katze's strong eyes appealed to the others, and they stopped in their tracks.

"Are you sure?! He forgot his accordion."

Jakthund was about to run off with Katze's instrument, but Esel quietly restrained him.

"I'll let you do what you want for now... I hope that kindness doesn't become the seed of a new dispute."

Issunboshi slowly puts his hand on the headphones and starts to play the song.

"It's not the same… "

He took one look at Katze, who was being watched by his friends, and muttered to himself as if he were throwing him out.


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