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Thirtieth Movement: 'A Moment's Interruption'


Katze listened to the song again and said quietly

"It's a sad song... "

Katze fought the pain that clenched his eardrums as he pieced together his words.

"Were you also... alone...?"

Katze spoke as he slowly stepped in front of Issunboshi, step by step.

"... Shut up… "

As Issunboshi muttered in an emotionless voice, the ear-splitting song intensified its attack on Katze.

"It's okay... I just want to talk to you--"

Just as Katze was about to speak to Issunboshi, trying desperately to open up his closed mind, a clump suddenly fell and blocked the way.

It was the figure of Momotroop, who had run through the forest.


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