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Setsudan Club [セツダン倶楽部]
Band Info
Name Setsudan Club [セツダン倶楽部]
Story Shita-kiri Suzume
Genre Retrock
Ability Restricting movement
Logo Symbol
Setsudan Club logo.png Setsudan club symbol.png
Yosuzume sp.pngOtudura sp.pngKotudura sp.png

‘‘Everything is done for the sake of sister-sparrow with the cut tongue. We have hunted to the ends of the earth, and cry for revenge.
Sorrowful, strangled throats. Avant-garde cursed retrock.’’

The heir to the youkai clan 'Suzumenōyado', Yosuzume (Vo.). His desire is to avenge his sister sparrow whose tongue was cut off. Accompanied by for generations by monsters of the large basket, Ootsuzura (Ba.) and Kotsuzura (Gt.), he leads the brothers on a quest for revenge. Because of his straightforward personality, he is determined to revitalize his older sister, and pushes blindly towards his desired 'happy ending'.[2]


  1. すべては舌を切られた姉雀の為。 地の果てまでも追い詰めて泣イテ血ヲ吐ク仇討チ。 哀しき異形が喉かき鳴らす 前衛的呪詛レトロック。
  2. 妖怪一族『雀のお宿』の御曹司、夜雀(よすずめ:Vo)。 舌を切られた姉雀の仇討ちを果たそうと 代々お付きの葛籠のおばけ、大葛籠(おおつづら:Ba) 小葛籠(こつづら:Gt)兄弟を率いて復讐の旅に出る。 実直な性格故に、姉を蘇らせる事に固執し 時に盲目的に望んだ終止符へと突き進む。