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Christmas Q&A:

Q: It's winter! What is Yosuzume's favorite season? Merry Christmas!

Yosuzume: Spring. The scent reminds me of my older sister.

Q: Thank you very much for inviting me, Yosuzume! I often see you with your fellow birds, Torisawa and Vogel, but what do you think of them?!

Yosumume: Tch, small birds..

Q: I want to know what your favorite hotpot ingredients are..!

Kotsuzura: Boiled egg~

Yosuzume: Mochi kinchaku

Ootsuzura: Hot pot? You want me to talk about hot pots?

Q: What kind of person is Yosuzume's older sister?

Yosuzume: A very sweet person with a voice like the sound of a bell.

Q: What do you think of Mushoku no Sora to Warau Ito?

Yosuzume: They're good to collaborators, and will serve to guide us to our enemies.

Q: What do you do when you find enemies?

Yosuzume: Eliminate anyone who hinders out progress!

Q: Yosuzume! Please cherish your body!

Yosuzume: Thank you.

Q: When does Kotsuzura use his hidden eye? I'm curious!

Kotsuzura: When it's time to search for enemiesss~

Q: Merry Cursemas! What kind of agonizing songs do you like? And do all three of you sing?

Yosuzume: Yes, and we play songs with plenty of curses in them.

Q: I want to know the chief's favorite food!

Yosuzume: Chakin shibori[1]

Q: Merry Cursemas! What is everyone's favorite food?

Kotsuzura: Tamago kake gohan~[2]

Ootsuzura: Grilled horse mackerel.

Q: Merry Cursemas! Was the cake good?

Yosuzume: Yeah

Q: What did Ootsuzura get for Christmas?

Ootsuzura: I got a new cloth wipe for my glasses. Satan gave it to me.

Q: Thank you for the invitation. What is your favorite pastry?

Ootsuzura: The Kintsuba[3] that you can get near the Suzumenoyado manor is exquisite.

Q: We will cheer you up and stand against your enemies! By the way, when will we hear Setsudan Club's songs?

Yosuzume: Please look forward to hearing from us.

Q: I love Setsudan Club! Are Ootsuzura and Kotsuzura penguins?

Both: Hm?

(After questions)


Kotsuzura: Incredible~

Ootsuzura: I'm glad that you're being so loved!

Yosuzume: .......................................................i'm happy

  1. Sweet potato buns
  2. Rice topped with egg
  3. Pastry made with bean paste