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Otogi no Uta is a collaboration between San-X and Nippon Columbia. It's a fairy-tale based franchise including music, drama CD series and a recently released comic(manga).

The story of Otogi no Uta is told through 'movements', drama tracks and the manga.

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Once upon a time there was a world of music, where bands based on fairy tales and folklore must keep facing off in live battles in order to obtain the much desired 'happy end', guarded by a mysterious old man. The old man, finished granting the happy ending to someone, gathers flyers in his hands and throws them into the sky wondering who will be the next. The flyers end up falling into the hands of Momotroop, Blasskaiz, Mushoku no Sora to Warau Ito, Bremüsik, Alice×Toxic, Setsudan Club and Issun-Bōshi, who, not yet formed, decide to go on the journey towards the happy end, in order to complete their own goals.

Movements text.png

Short stories(already finished) that show the meeting between the bands, giving a view of how each band thinks of each other. These stories are available translated here on the wiki.

OvertureMovements 1-6Movements 7-12Movements 13-18Movements 19-24Movements 25-30
Movements 31-36Movements 37-42Movements 43-45
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The prologue was released on February 2, 2021 and is being released so far. Until now, we have the chapters from Setsudan Club and Alice×Toxic. Unfortunately, there are no translations of the manga in english.

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Drama tracks tells how each band formed and much more. There are more than 20 dramas available, some of which can be listened to on Otogi no Uta's Youtube Channel for free.

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